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The UDEPO database is being upgraded, some features are being updated and will be available soon.

In 1996, the IAEA published the Guidebook to Accompany IAEA Map: World distribution of Uranium Deposits (the ‘Guidebook’). This publication, introduced a descriptive deposit classification that expanded upon the classification used in the OECD/NEA-IAEA Red Book. Experts contributed information on a total of 582 deposits worldwide, and provided summary information on these deposits. A web application was developed and made available to the public in 2004 as the geological UDEPO (Uranium DEPOsit) database. A deposit is included if there is known to be a resource estimate. No commercial or economic implications for extraction are made for deposits. If multiple resource estimates are known, only the largest estimate – generally with the lowest cut-off grade - is included. These resource estimations may conform to contemporary resource reporting standards, but may be historical or, uncommonly, an IAEA estimate and so are given as ranges only. This is particularly the case for unconventional or co- or by-product resources.

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