About Nuclear Fuel Cycle

The database has been revamped in March 2023.

NFCFDB covers civilian nuclear fuel cycle facilities around the world. It contains information on facilities at all stages of nuclear fuel cycle activities, starting from uranium ore production to spent fuel storage facilities i.e.: mining, ore processing, conversion, enrichment, fuel fabrication, spent fuel storage, reprocessing, MOX fuel fabrication, waste management facilities, research and development facilities, and related industrial activities. The facilities are divided into three categories: lab scale, pilot scale, and industrial scale, with status such as under construction, commissioning, in operation, refurbishment, shutdown, decommissioning, decommissioned, and standby.

There are tabs for facility details, with a filter for country, facility type, status, and on scale of operation. A statistics tab provides relevant statistical data based on facility type, on status and country-wise. A tab on country reports shows a graphical representation of various types of facilities, their status, and age on the world map.

A ‘User Guide’ uploaded in Help tab provides detailed information and navigation for facility and country coordinators.

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