Cask Report


Transport of contaminated, irradiated and non-irradiated materials and sources
- Type B(U)F IAEA 85 - Criticality safety index : 0
N°1: Uranium oxide precipitates N°2: Non fissible UOX, MOX, RNR fuel segments N°3: UOX, MOX, CAPRA pencil sections Burn up 30 to 60 GWj/t N°4: Active glass samples N°5: Non fissible technological wastes N°6: Alpha sources of 238Pu, 239Pu, 241Am, 244Cm N°7: Non fissible zirconium mobybdate precipitates N°8: Bêta gamma sealed sources of 60Co, 137Cs, 90Sr, 124Sb N°11: Non fissible UOX, MOX, RNR pencil sections wood metal coated N°17: UOX, MOX, CAPRA
- F/363/B(U)F-85 Rev. D valid till January 31rst, 2008 - Validated in Belgium, Switzerland Type B(U)F IAEA 96 in progress
- Different internal arrangements such as basket, racks - Cask lifting fork - Auxiliary transport means: * leak-tight transport cover and transport plug * transport shell * lifting beam for the transport shell * stowage equipment: turnbuckles
- External dimensions of the shielded cask with its transport cover: D: 787 mm H: 968 mm Gross weight: 2620 kg - External dimensions of the transport shell: D: 1098 mm H: 1311 mm Weight: 4200 kg (max. loaded) - Useful dimensions D: 250 mm H: 400 mm - Shielding thickness: 150mm lead equivalent
- Maximal weight of the content: 25 kg - Maximal capacity: 22 dm3 - Maximal power: 51 W - Maximal activity: 138 TBq
- Internal cask equipment: leak-tight container connected through the cask to the containment cell by the mean of an internal basket - Docking equipment on the hot cell - Transfer equipment or waste into or out of an alpha, bêta, gamma containment without breaking the containment and with full protection against irradiation
- On site : dry - On public means of conveyance: dry
- Dry horizontal loading/unloading by docking against hot cell wall - Dry vertical unloading by docking above a well
France: CEA, Cogema Belgium: IRE Japan: JNFL
LA CALHENE, 1 Rue du Compté de Donegal, 41102 Vendôme Cedex, France M. Alain COLLET - Phone : +33 2 54 73 47 39 Fax : +33 2 54 73 47 10 E-Mail :
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