• Exploration
  • Partially Explored
  • Fully Explored
  • Development
  • Dormant
  • Permitted
  • Operating
  • Standby
  • Depleted
  • Closed
  • Reclamation
  • Reclamed
  • Unknown

  • Exploration  Top
    Indicates that the exploration is ongoing in the deposit area.

    Partially Explored  Top
    Deposit has been partially explored and exploration has been suspended.

    Fully Explored  Top
    Exploration has been completed in sufficient detail to allow ore reserve calculations and feasibility studies.

    Development  Top
    Construction is underway of mine, mill/processing plant and support infrastructure.

    Dormant  Top
    Inactive deposit, no activities performed for any reason.

    Permitted  Top
    Deposit has been granted regulatory approval to begin construction and mining.

    Operating  Top
    Mining operations are underway and the ore is being processed to produce uranium products.

    Standby  Top
    Operations have been suspended and the deposit has been placed on care and maintenance status. This status indicates that operations can resume.

    Depleted  Top
    Economic ore reserves have been mined out. No further mining or milling operations expected.

    Closed  Top
    Operations have ceased. Reclamation status unknown or no reclamation ongoing.

    Reclamation  Top
    Mine-mill reclamation and decommissioning are underway.

    Reclamed  Top
    Deposit has been fully reclamed and mine-mill area has been returned to useful status or to long-term maintenance status in case of reclamed tailings pod.

    Unknown  Top
    Status information is not available.