Cask Report


Cask Type Croft GB2767B 
Provider CROFT
Purpose Transport package for samples and/or small quantities of solid form material consisting of separate nuclides or mixtures of nuclides 
Classification - Type B(U)-96 and B(U)-85 
Type of Loads - Solid form material consisting of separate nuclides or mixtures of nuclides:
Fissile excepted Pu and Am
Am, Cm, Np and Th compounds or mixtures
Pu/Be or Am/Be neutron sources

- Plutonium and Uranium Isotopes in solid or powder form up to 15g of fissile material and various transuranic nuclides in solid or powder form. 
Licensing - Certificate: GB/2767/B(U)-96 valid until the end of July 2008
Validation: no validations requested to date

- Certificate: GB/2767/B(U)-85 valid until the end of September 2006
Validation: in Germany
Accessories - Torque tool for containment system
- Portable leakage testing equipment (CALT 8)
Packaging Characteristics - Total height: 270 mm
- External diameter: 245 mm
- Effective cavity height: 121 mm
- Effective cavity diameter: 84 mm
- Weight in transport condition: 14,6 kg
Content Characteristics - Maximal activity;
Depends on content, 20 nuclides listed on the 96 certificate of approval including small Am/Be and Pu/Be sources

- Maximal power for the whole package :
Specific Characteristics The package carries a resealable leaktight inner containment vessel, which can be leak tested to demonstrate containment.  
Transportation Mode - Dry 
Loading Mode - Vertical loading/Unloading 
Technical Support No  
References - IAEA, Switzerland (PSI), United Kingdom (BNFL) 
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