PIE Facility Report

France LECA - Laboratoire d'Examen de Combustibles Actifs


Facility Name LECA - Laboratoire d'Examen de Combustibles Actifs  IAEA Ref # 6-PIE
Country France  Last Update 2010 
Address DEN/DEC Batiment 316 CEA Cadarache, BP 1 13108 Saint-Paul-lez-Durance 
Contact Person Pascal Bros 
Second Contact Person François Sudreau 
Phone (33) 4 42 25 24 45  Fax  
Email pascal.bros@cea.fr; francois.sudreau@cea.fr 


Web Address   (Please notify us if you can not reach this web address!)
Additional Information  

Cell Characteristics

Purpose Destructive and non destructive PIE of fuel rods
Refabrication of experimental fuel rods
Work on specific devices for safety study reactors 
Gamma Activity Limit (Concrete) (TBq) 4000  # of Concrete Cells 10 
Gamma Activity Limit (Steel) (TBq) # of Steel Cells
Gamma Activity Limit (Lead) (TBq) 40  # of Lead Cells
Cell Atmosphere air  Maximum Length of Rods (m) 2.5 
Largest Cell Width (m) 2.5  Scheduled Maintenance Yes 
Largest Cell Length (m)


Largest Cell Height (m) 4.65 



Acceptance Information

Acceptance Type Rods  Acceptance Condition Dry 
Transfer Mode Horizontal 


Maximum Cask Weight (t) 32 Maximum Cask Length (m) 2.5
Max. Fissile Enrichment (%) See Accept Comment  Max. Fissile Weight (kg) 0.35 or 1.0 in concrete cells.; 0.35 in lead cells 
Failed Rod Acceptance Yes  Protective Tube No 
Accepted Casks  
Comment 93% U-235 ; 45% Pu+U-235 

Refabrication and Instrumentation

Refabrication Available? ...  Desc. Name: FABRICE and REMORA refabrication facilities : REMORA for instrumented fuel rods
Maximum Rodlet Length, m: 0.6
Sensors: Yes

cutting, fuel extremity removing, fuel drilling, welding, gas pressurization, temperature and pressure sensors assembly, fabrication controls. 
Instrumentation Available? Yes  Desc. Sensors 

Storage and Conditioning

Intermediate Storage ...  Desc.  
Encapsulation for Reinsertion ...  Desc.  
Encapsulation for Other Yes  Desc. For transportation to storage or reprocessing 
Connection to Reprocessing Yes  Desc.  
Connection to Long Term Storage ...  Desc.  

Reference Documents

There is no reference document recorded for this facility!

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