ArmeniaMetzamor NPP Site

General Information

Country Armenia
Facility Location (Site) Metzamor
Province Armavir Region
Data Source IAEA Questionnaire to Member States, 2009
IAEA Ref. No. 667 - SFSF
Last Update 2010-10-02  
Last Source Date 2010-10-02  


Facility Type AFR Dry Spent Fuel Storage
Design Capacity 74 t HM
Status In operation 
Scale Commercial 
Start of Operation 2000 
Permanent end of Operation  


Process Dry NUHOMS, WWER 
Feed Material Spent WWER Fuel 
Product Material Spent WWER Fuel 

Company Information

Ownership 100 %, Armenian NPP CJSC
Operator Armenian NPP CJSC
Ref. No. Source Year
1318  IAEA Questionnaire to Member States, 2009  2010 
1317  IAEA Questionnaire to Member States, 2008  2009 
1287  Proceedings of the IAEA Intl. Conference on Storage of Spent Fuel from Power Reactor, P. 168, 2-6 June 2003.  2003 
1055  Survey of wet and dry spent fuel storage, IAEA-TECDOC-1100, IAEA, Vienna (1999).  1999 
964  "Summary of worldwide commercial reactor spent fuel storage trends", NAC International Fuel Trac Topical Report, July 1999.  1999 
629  PERERA, J., The Nuclear Industry in the Former Soviet Union, Transition from crisis to opportunity, 1997  1997 

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