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Publication Title  Response to the comment by V. Neck on ‘‘Hydrolysis of neptunium(V) at variable temperatures (10 - 85 °C)’’, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 68, 4821 - 4830 
Journal/Book  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 
Publisher  Elsevier 
Type  Periodical 
Volume  70 
Year  2006 
Pages  4556 - 4562 
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Author Author's Institute when publication was made
T. G. Srinivasan   
A. Yu. Garnov   
P. Zanonato   
P. di Bernardo   
A. Bismondo   


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1:  Hydrolysis constants  of  NaNpO2(OH)2(s)  
log* β1 = -8.4   
log* β2 = -19.4   
2:  Solubility product  of  NaNpO2(OH)2(s)  
log*Ksp [Na + + NpO2+ + 2OH- = NaNpO2(OH)2(s)] = -14.6   
3:  Entropy of the hydrolysis reaction  of  Np(V)  
4:  Hydrolysis constants  of  Np(V)  
5:  Entropy of the hydrolysis reaction  of  NpO2(OH)2-,(aq)  
6:  Hydrolysis constants  of  NpO2(OH)2-,(aq)  
7:  Entropy of the hydrolysis reaction  of  NpO2OH(aq)  

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