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Publication Title  Crystal structure and physical properties of NpPd2Sn 
Journal/Book  Physica B 
Publisher  Elsevier 
Type  Periodical 
Volume  359 - 361 
Year  2005 
Pages  1102 - 1104 
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Author Author's Institute when publication was made
D. Kaczorowski   
K. Gofryk   
P. Boulet   
J. Rebizant   
P. Javorsky   
E. Colineau   
F. Wastin   
G.H. Lander  Institute for Transuranium Elements, Karlsruhe 


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1:  Lattice parameter  of  NpPd2Sn  
a = 10.004(3) Ĺ   
b = 4.535(2) Ĺ   
c = 6.961(1) Ĺ   
2:  Effective moment  of  NpPd2Sn  
µeff ≈ 2.76µB    (TN = 15K)
3:  Electrical resistivity  of  NpPd2Sn  
?(T) = ?0 + cK lnT, with ?0 = 6.04 cm, ?0 = 262µΩcm, cK = -111 µΩcmK-1    (Data presented in graphs: Electrical resistivity vs temperature (at different magnetic fields))
4:  paramagnetic Curie temperature  of  NpPd2Sn  
θCW ≈ -80 K   
5:  Specific heat  of  NpPd2Sn  
Data presented in graph: Temperature dependence of the specific heat   

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