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Publication Title  Alpha self-irradiation effects in ternary oxides of actinides elements:The zircon-like phases AmIIIVO4 and AIINpIV(VO4)2 (A = Sr, Pb) 
Journal/Book  J. Solid State Chemistry 
Type  Periodical 
Volume  178 
Year  2005 
Pages  1898 - 1902 
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Author Author's Institute when publication was made
F. Goubard   
P. Griesmar   
A. Tabuteau  Laboratory Curie 


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1:  Lattice parameter  of  AmVO4  
a0 = 7.311(2)   
b0 = 6.422(2)   
V0 = 343.3(2) 3   
2:  Self irradiation  of  AmVO4  
Data presented in table: Empirical fit parameters for structural changes   
3:  Self irradiation  of  AmVO4  
Data presented in graph: Changes in lattice parameters as a function of time   
Data presented in graph: The changes in unit-cell volume, as a function of the cumulative dose   
4:  Lattice parameter  of  PbNp(VO4)2  
a0 = 7.334(3)   
b0 = 6.520(3)   
V0 = 350.7(4) 3   
5:  Lattice parameter  of  SrNp(VO4)2  
a0 = 7.315(2)   
b0 = 6.485(2)   
V0 = 347.0(3) 3   

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