About MADB

The Minor Actinide Property Database (MADB) is a bibliographic database on physico-chemical properties of selected Minor Actinide (MA) compounds and alloys.

Recently, the scope of R&D activities is increasing among Member States on several facets of Minor Actinide (MA) elements (namely Am, Np, and Cm) and their compounds owing to their accumulation in significant quantities by enhanced use of nuclear energy. These artificial elements pose a very long-term radiological toxic burden to the environment, which has become a limiting factor for the growth of nuclear energy. The issue of mitigation of radiological toxicity of actinides by advanced P&T methods has been addressed by the IAEA in its several meetings and TECDOCs. Since 1976, the IAEA has played a groundbreaking role in influencing the evolution of P&T technologies amongst all its Member States. In this context, the IAEA has conducted a comprehensive review of thermodynamic data of all actinides elements and compounds and published a series of 14 reports (IAEA/STI/PUB/424) for a period between 1976 and 1992. These database series have become the de facto internal standard for chemical thermodynamic data of actinides and its compounds. Recent global R&D efforts on advanced P&T methods in the last two decades have generated considerable information/data on MAs and its compounds encompassing various aspects of advanced nuclear fuel cycles.